by | Dec 29, 2022


An independent photographer specialising in sporting events, including horse racing, show jumping, polo and cricket.


The client contacted us for support with updating his current website which had run into technical issues as a result of changes made by his previous host. This meant that some design aspects were not loading correctly, which was limiting the visual appeal of his website and giving him cause for concern, especially as a creative professional.

In addition to reviving the design, he was keen to have a single contact who would also be responsible for the hosting and ongoing maintenance of his site, such as uploading galleries of his work so that customers can purchase his photos online.


Once we took over hosting the site, we were able to update the coding, which resolved the technical issues and allowed us to make changes to the design. This involved adding a new background photo and logo consistent with the client’s brand and restructuring the galleries for easier site navigation.

The client is pleased with his website’s new look and is planning to add further galleries with our help so that he can offer even more products to his customers in the near future.